Saturday, 6 November 2021

Day 598

Day 598...

Saturday morning away after enjoying the White Lies gig last night. Have I mentioned what an amazing experience we had...such a great evening.

But anyway we enjoyed a cooked breakfast at the hotel before heading out to explore Bournemouth. This involved a wander around the shops with of course the obligatory look around Primark for my Disney fix, although there was nothing really that stood out to me. I also had a look for the coat I'd seen a couple of weeks ago but alas it was not there.

We stopped for a coffee before heading out for a walk along the seafront. It was rather blustery but thankfully not too cold and the rain stayed away. We headed in the direction of Sandbanks although due to it looking rather misty and rainy the closer we got we decided to turn back so didn't quite make it all the way but we must have managed around 6 miles walking today, including walking around the town centre.

On returning to the town centre we went in search of food and had a lovely meal at a greek restaurant and managed to stay pretty low carb only indulging in a little flat bread with some hummus.

We then headed back to our hotel for a coffee before heading off to see Molly and Dan. They have been busy organising all of Molly's stuff which has involved making storage units, putting up shelves and display boxes as well as brackets for her guitars and her kickboxing belt display as made for her by Simon.

Simon was able to give a little help with a couple of things but they have sorted everything themselves and have done a great job.

And then it was back to the hotel to put our achy feet up, relax and enjoy some chocolate.

See you tomorrow.


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