Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Day 608

Day 608...

Tuesday has arrived and today was much quieter than the few days before!

My morning was spent in work and was mainly focused around catching up with my deputy manager, issuing and responding to emails and a little banking. We also had a visit from Jon our community champion from our local Asda store who spent time making musical instruments (shakers) with the children.

While I was at work Simon had another electrical contractor visit to give us a quote for installing an EV charging point. And once again they seemed unphased by it all and promised to get back to us with a couple of quotes for different ways of sorting it all out. So let's see what happens over the week and what these companies are able to do for us!

The afternoon was then spent at home and saw me complete a little more pre-school work as I always keep an eye on the email account and respond where I can. But I also did a little online shopping!

I have a subscription with Hotel Chocolat, which I started years and years ago and every so often I used to receive a box of their chocolates which was different every time. In fact it used to be called the Chocolate Tasting Club and part of the subscription meant that each box was different and would often include new recipes that as a member I could vote on. But in the last year the subscription has changed and now I receive a mix of various Hotel Chocolat products which isn't quite the same. I now find myself 'skipping' deliveries or moving delivery dates to take advantage of the free delivery that comes along with the subscription. So today I moved my next delivery to early December and then added on a number of extra items that will ultimately be Christmas presents and will be delivered free of charge along with my high cocoa subscription selection.

I also then spent a stupid amount of time online looking at various websites trying to get a little Christmas shopping started. I'd picked up a couple of bits yesterday but thought today I would look around for some specific people and inadvertently found things that I would like for me! I also got distracted looking at Disney themed Christmas decorations as well as normal Christmas decorations! And suffice to say no presents were bought - oops!

Before I knew it the end of the day had rolled around and Simon was heading off down our gym. I'd had a stuffy, bunged up nose all day and really hadn't intended on joining him but all of a sudden my nose seemed to clear and I thought 'sod it' I need to make myself go. So a quick half hour work out later and it was time to cook dinner and settle down for the evening.

See you all tomorrow.

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