Thursday, 25 November 2021

Day 617

Day 617...

And we have a Thursday and another full day in work for fact my second of three full days this week which is not my usual working pattern.

It was a straight forward sort of work day with the usual admin bits and bobs; updating the banking, responding to emails and drafting a couple of newsletters.

It's a busy old time at pre-school as we are about to start with all things Christmas. We have a concert to rehearse, festive baking activities planned and a Christmas party to round out the term and never mind our Christmas fundraising activities too! So part of my day was getting newsletters prepped to remind our parents of all the things that are happening and when.

We are also having a bit of a tidy and re-organisation at pre-school so part of my day was going through a few cupboards to get them better organised and more user friendly. We still have more work to do but we have started and are aiming to get a little more done each day.

I stopped by the post office on my way home to send off my Christmas gift exchange parcel that I am involved with as part of the Disney Dream Girls podcast family group. And as luck would have it the person I've been paired with in the US messaged me overnight to say that she too had posted her parcel to me! Let's see how long these parcels take to travel between the US and the UK...I wonder who will get theirs first?!

At home and with a freshly poured coffee I sat down at the laptop and carried on with a little more work. I had an email to write that I'd just not had chance to do earlier but wanted it to get sent today. And as it is payday tomorrow I'd got all the payslips to organise for the team. 

And on a personal front I managed to rearrange our dentist appointments as we'd had a reminder for our upcoming visit next week but we decided that we could afford to move it till after Christmas. 

But we also have a little positive news as the company who we approached about doing some electrical work for us to enable us to have a charging point for our new electric car have given us a date....Sunday!! So this Sunday will be very busy as they are coming to dig up part of our car parking area, lay some ducting and re-tarmac ready for the electrics to be installed at some point next week. Finally it looks like we will be in a position to actually take delivery of our new could be an early Christmas present!

Our day was rounded out with a very chilly trip to our gym and I did remark to Simon that I may need some gloves as the weights are very cold and as I suffer a little with Raynauds I could see a couple of my fingers begin to turn white!

Well that was my day and while I've been typing Simon has been cooking up a little secret project...that may get revealed tomorrow!!

See you all then.

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