Thursday, 18 November 2021

Day 610

Day 610...

And we have another Thursday and another day that was split between work and home.

My morning started off by stopping by my deputy managers house to collect not only her but four boxes of Christmas 'stuff'! It is that time of year when we start prepping for all things Christmas at pre-school. Because we are short of storage space at pre-school we have to keep seasonal resources off site so today we had four boxes with books, crafts and costumes to bring in.

With the boxes at pre-school we could start our planning process for Christmas; we have crafts to plan, baking activities to choose and of course the all important Christmas concert to decide upon. Over the years we have been able to invest in some lovely costumes so each year they dictate the theme for our concert. This will be our first in-person concert for two years!!

The remainder of the morning was spent with my deputy as each Thursday is our chance to get together, chat and plan the way forward. We had cash flows to review and dates in the diary to go over and before we knew it the morning had disappeared.

On my way home at lunchtime I nipped into my local Lidl to pick up a few bits before stopping off at my dad's as it was his birthday today.

Back home and we had received our butchers delivery so my first job was to split the order into meal size portions and get it in the freezer. Then it was laptop time as I had some more pre-school work that ! wanted to complete as I know I can't guarantee having the time tomorrow. There were time sheets to submit, emails to respond to, emails to send as well as starting some of our Christmas fundraising. We are holding a 'virtual' raffle again this year as well as offering our 'Letters from Santa' service so I was able to get both these fundraisers up and running.

Before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day and it was time to head down our gym. And while we were working out at the gym we had a message from Molly which was simply a photo of her and Dan's ice skates with the caption 'and so it begins'. Living close to Bournemouth, and both being avid skaters, they are going to be taking advantage of the seasonal outdoor ice rink that has opened today and will be there until the new year! Suffice to say I think they will be there most nights!!

And my evening was rounded out with a game of playing 'get the printer to work'. I only wanted to print two pieces of paper but it involved connecting my laptop with a cable to the printer despite it being wifi enabled, two changes of ink cartridge, one ink cartridge not being 'recognised' twice, multiple failed prints and multiple random error messages! Argh!

Right, I now need a cup of tea, some chocolate and RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

See you tomorrow.

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