Thursday, 4 November 2021

Day 596

Day 596...

Well this will be a quick blog post today as I find myself writing this quite late in the day as I've been a tad busy.

The morning was spent in work and as my deputy manager was back at work today we spent the time catching up, getting up to date with various bits and bobs as well as talking about the upcoming weeks and months.

Meanwhile at home we had an engineer visit whose job was to install an electric charging point so that we can take delivery of our new electric car. We have had the car on order since the end of September and have been waiting for the charging point company to sort out the necessary point. After a bit of back and forth we finally had a date through for the installation of today. Now both Simon and I were rather sceptical as to whether the installation could actually happen as our set-up is not a straight forward one. Our garage is detached from our house and not only that but it is a little way away from the house. We'd already had to prove that the garage was actually owned by us and provide photographs of the location but we were still convinced that it wouldn't be smooth sailing. And sure enough the engineer took one look and said 'nope can't fit that, the cabling isn't sufficient'. As we had guessed we need the electric into the garage upgrading to full mains electric rather than a spur off for sockets and lights etc. This will mean cable being laid under ground between our meter and the garage; not an insignificant distance and one that will mean tarmac being dug up and replaced. An email has now been sent to the company in question and we await their response and solution!

At lunchtime I left work and headed home via a local supermarket to pick up a few things, some of which were food items for Ethan over the weekend. We will be away all weekend which leaves Ethan home alone so I always like to make sure he has enough in the cupboards to keep him going for a few days. And yes as his mum I am a big softy and like to get in a few treats while we are away.

Arriving home and Molly had made more progress on disassembling her bedroom and organising all her stuff ready to move down to Dan's tomorrow! So our first job of the afternoon was to go and get some petrol in her car ready for the 190 mile trip and then to stop by my dad's house. My dad is Molly and Ethan's only surviving grandparent and I wanted to make sure she got chance to see him before she starts this new chapter in her life. Molly and her grandad have always been really close and although she doesn't perhaps see him as often now as she used to there is still a special connection between the two of them.

On our return home I poured myself a freshly brewed coffee, found an extra layer of clothing as it had turned rather chilly, before me and Molly embarked on seeing just how much of Molly's belongings we could fit between her car and Simon's car. The plan is to drive down in two cars; Molly's because she will need her car and then Simon's as not only are we helping Molly move but we also have our own reason for visiting the South of the UK this weekend...we have a concert to attend.

Well after just over four hours me and Molly, with a little help from Ethan at one point, have managed to squeeze the vast majority of her belongings including a two meter long desk, a drawer unit, two guitars, three new (to be built) storage units, approximately 16 pairs of shoes, numerous soft toys (that have been unceremoniously pushed into all sorts of tiny spaces) and all her clothes into both cars. There are still things left here that she will have to transport at a later date but they are things that she doesn't need immediately. Really not sure how we've managed to get as much in as we have but we did somehow!

The good thing is that Molly will be visiting at the end of November, as she has promised her kickboxing academy that she would help out with the second part of their black belt grading event, so she will be able to take more then. There are a few bigger items to get down there as well so it maybe that a couple of items will have to stay here a little longer before we have the space in a car to get them there.

So Molly has one more sleep here officially before setting off on a new chapter and while we will miss her tremendously we are also thrilled that she has found someone that she wants to make a life with. We want nothing but happiness for both Molly and Ethan and never want to stand in the way of them making the life for themselves that they want to lead. They both need to embrace life and grab those opportunities whenever they present themselves and live their best life, all of the time.

And it is also one more sleep for me till I see White Lies again! So excited for this small venue gig in Bournemouth tomorrow evening where they will be playing an 'intimate' performance. We have been extremely fortunate to see them live a number of times already and back in February 2019 got to meet the band at a VIP event so I am really looking forward to seeing them yet again but in a different type of setting and manner.

And now I better stop typing, make a cup of tea and settle down to watch RuPauls Drag Race UK.

See you tomorrow.

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