Sunday, 14 November 2021

Day 606

Day 606...

Well it has been a Sunday and rather than a day of rest we have been rather busy once again.

We had the weekly grocery shop to collect as normal and then we needed to take a trip to our local recycling centre as we had filled one car yesterday full of stuff. There was furniture that we had dismantled along with random bits and pieces that we had decided we no longer wanted.

Back home and we decided to make a little more progress with Molly's old bedroom. We managed to dismantle the bed and the wardrobe and get all of the wood into one of our cars. Simon even had to cut some of the pieces to fit the car, but we managed to get everything in and so had another visit to our local recycling centre!

We were then able to hoover around the room with the only item left being a mattress. So when Molly and Dan visit next they will have somewhere to sleep but ultimately we want to get a sofa bed for the room. This will then mean we have a functioning guest bedroom but also a room where we can relax and take advantage of the space. 

With a good clean round completed our attention then turned to our hall as we have been storing a lot of items that really need a home and will most likely live in what was Molly's room. As we have worked our way through the house over the last year we have taken the opportunity to look at what we have, and ask ourselves - do we need it? Is it useful? Why are we holding on to it? Where should it live? And as a consequence we have cleared out a lot of things that were simply no longer being used and held no sentimental value. But it has also left us with a collection of items that we want to hold onto but that need a new place to live. Converting Molly's room into a study/art space is the first step in curating these items.

Ultimately our hall needs a makeover as it is currently a mish-mash of furniture styles but is a great space that we would like to use to display all of our Disney and Star Wars memorabilia. So re-purposing Molly's room will free up space for some of our things that are currently homeless as well as some items from our hall which will then free up space for new display cabinets. It is like playing a giant game of Tetris in our house at the moment!

But we were also able to collate some of Molly's possessions that she wants to take down to Dan's when they visit next which gave us the space to move Simon's art materials up into her old room. And with everything in new homes our last job of the day was to put our Halloween decorations back into the loft and get our Christmas decorations out of the loft. Five Halloween storage boxes and a plastic pumpkin went into the loft and down came ten Christmas storage boxes plus numerous other boxes housing individual decorations! Oh and I also found a Christmas themed jigsaw to have a go at as well.

And somewhere in between all of that I managed to make a keto chicken curry pie for dinner. wine, chocolate and TV it is!

See you tomorrow.

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