Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Day 609

Day 609...

The middle of the working week and a day at home for me, but a day working from home.

I had lots of paperwork to get on top of today and I needed the quiet of home to be focused and to get as much done as I possibly could. There were new starters to begin organising, banking to update, fees to calculate and invoices to prep.

I was also completing the next round of cash flow forecasting as we now have a better idea of what will be happening after Christmas so I can begin to look beyond the end of the year and plan towards the spring of next year. This involved lots of work around calculating wages, fees and funding and although it took me quite a while I do now have a set of figures that will help produce a much more refined cash flow.

As Simon broke for lunch we decided to take a walk out; our first lunchtime walk for a couple of weeks! We managed 2.4 miles in 44 minutes and despite it being the middle of November it was bright and sunny and relatively mild.

At the end of the day I hooked up online with my podcast co-host, Michelle, as we recorded another Disney Dream Girls show that will be released this weekend. We chatted about the 'after hours' events that Disney are hosting at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World to celebrate the upcoming festive season, and mused about the high cost and whether or not we felt them worth while. 

And another day done. See you tomorrow.


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