Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Day 601

Day 601...

And we have a Tuesday and it was back to work after my four day weekend.

It was just a morning spent in work which was a mixture of the usual bits of admin, a few emails, a couple of phone calls and a catch-up with my deputy manager on the happenings over the last couple of days.

Arriving home at lunchtime I had a quick bite to eat, a coffee and a catch-up with Simon before taking a short walk to my local post box as I had some mail to send off on behalf of Molly.

Back home and it was an afternoon sat at the laptop catching up on more pre-school work. I had banking that I wanted to get on top of, plus I had a new parent to contact and then I wanted to look at our upcoming Christmas fundraising. Ordinarily in the past we have held a Christmas Fair along with other events throughout the year but the past eighteen months or so has put paid to all of that. And even though we could now host an in-person event we simply don't have enough families registered with us to make it worth our while. So instead we are hosting a 'virtual' raffle; we held one last year and again at Easter and they both worked really well. But hosting a raffle means we need prizes!

The staff have all put their hands in their pockets and contributed just shy of £15 each which will finance a children's Christmas hamper as well as a hamper aimed at the parents plus a gift voucher for a well known online retailer! But we need more goodies, so this afternoon armed with a few ideas I fired up the email and the google machine and sent out emails to various companies asking for support. I also filled out numerous contact forms on websites as well as contacting some of the smaller, local businesses via messenger...and within a couple of hours I'd already had a few responses so fingers crossed we manage to rustle up some prizes that will encourage the buying of raffle tickets.

I had a lovely chat with my very good friend, and podcast co-host, Michelle as we chatted about our days, caught up with our activities over the weekend and planned for a podcast recording session tomorrow. And while Simon went down our 'gym' I carried on with a little more work; my left shoulder has been bothering me the last few days and has been quite painful at times and although today is probably the best it has felt in a few days I didn't want to risk a gym session and make it worse. Hopefully by Thursday I'll be in a position to have a workout session.

Well there we have a Tuesday, so I will see you tomorrow.

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