Thursday, 11 November 2021

Day 603

Day 603...

And the penultimate working day of my week and it was just a morning in work today. And a morning spent catching up with my deputy manager as we review where we are as a setting and plan ahead for the coming weeks.

I nipped to my local Lidl on the way home to fetch a few bits and pieces and take advantage of coupons to get money off my favourite chocolate! And then it was home for the afternoon.

Not a very exciting afternoon as I had a few work emails to issue and a little admin catch-up. Next it was sorting through some laundry and getting all of the ironing done. And because Molly has moved out we now have an excess of coat hangers so I went through them all, kept the decent ones and added the naff ones to our growing pile of 'stuff for the tip'!

I also received a call from our local power company concerning the power supply needed for our electric car charging point. I have to say that Western Power were lovely, very helpful and tolerated my lack of understanding with patience. So we have two options; we get a new electric supply straight from the mains into our garage with a separate meter which will mean digging up someone else's road, a separate 'standing charge' and probably cost 'thousands' or I need an electrician to assess the situation and install a separate cable from our existing meter.

As far as I can understand the cable that takes electric to our garage and from which we power a few lights, our freezer and a couple of sockets would not be able to support a car charging station as well. And if we attempted to run everything off it it would probably trip everything out. It would therefore seem sensible that we need an extra cable of sufficient capacity installing into the garage solely for the charging station but this will involve laying cable under existing tarmac! So I am now in the process of trying to find an electrician who can help!

The day finished with a little light workout as my left shoulder that had been painful over the weekend and earlier part of the week was now feeling better but I didn't want to do too much too soon!

And now it is time to settle down to watch this weeks RuPauls Drag Race UK>

See you tomorrow.

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