Monday, 8 November 2021

Day 600

Day 600...

A short Monday blog post I think today.

Our day started with collecting the weekly grocery shop and while I packed the shopping away Simon got out the leaf blower and cleared our garage area and garden of leaves.

We then decided to spend the remainder of the day sorting out Molly's bedroom and bathroom. Having taken the vast majority of her things down to Dan's we were able to get into her room and have a tidy around. There were a lot of picture hooks and pins and screws to take out of the walls which then left holes to be filled. We were able to move a few bits of furniture around so that we could clean behind and under them as well as move the few bits and bobs left into a more organised fashion to create a little more space. 

We now need to decide what best to do with the room and the order in which to do it. We need the room to still function as a bedroom for when Molly and Dan visit but for the rest of the time we would like it to be a room with a purpose. It will make an ideal space that could double as a study and an art/craft space. But we need to give the walls a bit of a refresh and then decide what to do with the existing furniture whether we can make use of it or whether we would be better off buying what will work best rather then 'making do'. We'd also like to replace the bed with a sofa bed to give the room a little more floor space. So, today was a start but it's going to take us a few weeks to get it looking as we would like.

And then the strange thing today was realising that our evening ahead was not going to be steered by Molly's kickboxing class and that our late afternoon and early evening was now up to us.

See you tomorrow.

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