Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Day 615

Day 615...

Today was Tuesday and it was back to work today and it was a full day in work rather than just my usual morning as I was working extra to cover a colleague's absence.

So it was a day of admin, emails, banking and even some time working directly with the children. Suffice to say it was a productive day in work.

But once back home I picked up a couple of work emails which meant that I spent the next hour or so doing yet more pre-school work! But I also had some time to get a little online retail shopping done as I made a start on some Christmas present shopping.

Before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day and so it was time to head down 'our gym'...probably one of the coldest days so far. But with the garage door closed and a small fan heater going it actually wasn't too bad.

And that was this Tuesday but this time 36 years ago it was a Saturday and was the start of Simon and mine's partnership as this was the day we met in a local nightclub. A night out that was completely unplanned; I'd had an invite to go out but I was in two minds and my dad made the decision for me telling me to 'go out'. It then turned out that the person I was out with that night knew Simon and that was how we met. We danced the night away and that was the start of what we have today; my best friend, my soul mate and we get stronger together as time goes by.

With that I shall sign off and see you all tomorrow.

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