Friday, 19 November 2021

Day 611

Day 611...

The end of the working week and I think this will be a quick post today.

I had a full day in work and as is the norm for a Friday it was a day split between a morning working directly with the children and then an afternoon spent catching up on admin bits and pieces.

Once work was done it was a quick stop at home to get changed out of my work uniform and then straight back out the door to the hairdressers.

I decided that as much as I'd loved having my pink hair these last few weeks it was time to go back to being an icy blonde. And also time to go back to my extra short hair...I'd attempted to grow some of the length but found myself getting bored with it so back to the cropped look it is!

And after having a lovely couple of hours chatting with my hairdresser and being forced to do nothing it was back home for the evening.

A quick dinner of steak and burgers followed by an evening in front of the TV with a glass of red and some extra dark chocolate.

See you tomorrow.

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