Saturday, 20 November 2021

Day 612

Day 612...

Another Saturday and another busy day.

We started out with a local contractor paying us a visit to assess the situation regarding our need for a separate electrical supply being laid from the house to the garage. They seemed confident that it would be a straight forward job but the tricky part will be scheduling his part with the installation of the charging point. So at the moment we have just one contractor who can do all parts of the installation for us in one go...and so while it's going to cost us more than we were hoping it's looking like the best, and possibly only, option.

Next job was to touch up a little paintwork around the house; not a major job just a chance to paint over a few patches where we'd accidentally used a matt paint rather than a silk version. And then we started on a big clean through the house.

As the plan is to start our Christmas decorating next weekend I wanted to go through and make sure everywhere was clean and tidy so that we can just get on with the important task of decorating!! One of the biggest jobs was to move a lot of my Disney ornaments and Department 56 houses, clean the surface they sit on, clean the ornaments, lay the snow blanket and then put everything back where it belonged.

Disney at Christmas

More Disney at Christmas

Department 56 - Dickens Village

Dickens Village

Dickens Village
All of the above items stay out all year round because they are just too nice to hide away but to make them more festive at this time of year the snow blanket appears.

The only room left to tidy is the dining room as I need to create space for a tree and at the moment the spot where the tree normally lives is a little cluttered! But that will have to wait for another day.

So with keto pizza made it is now time to find a movie to watch. See you tomorrow.

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