Monday, 1 November 2021

Day 593

Day 593...

After a week off it was back to work today although ordinarily I wouldn't work a Monday I was in today covering for another member of staff.

The day at work was a pretty standard sort of work day and all this week we are having a Halloween theme with lots of spooky activities for the children. We have a dark den set up with lots of sensory lights, we scooped out slimy pumpkins, made spider web pictures with marble painting and cut out spooky shaped sandwiches. All good fun and at the same time a little fundraiser for us as well.

On my way home I paid a visit to our local Asda as their Community Champion, Jon, had some items for me to collect. Asda are really good to us and help us out with lots of our activities, this week we are making pumpkin faces using wraps, ketchup and cheese as well as messy play involving spaghetti and Asda have given us all that we need to complete those activities. It was lovely to see Jon and have a catch-up and he will be visiting us in a couple of weeks when he will be making musical instruments with the children.

Arriving home there was a much needed coffee waiting for me. Molly has been going through more of her stuff and has filled at least three bin bags full of things she no longer needs. I was able to go through and grab a few bits that I can make use of at pre-school along with snagging a Mickey Mouse bum bag for me!

Simon has had a busy day making more progress on the game controller box he is building as well as getting mucky cleaning out the guttering, just before it decided to rain again!

And then Molly drove herself to her penultimate kickboxing class!!

Monday is done and I will see you all tomorrow.

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