Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Day 602

Day 602...

We have reached the middle of the week and another day in work and today I was in a little longer than normal.

Our day at work was focused around our 'parents to pre-school day'. We had invited our parents to come and visit and spend an hour with us to see what happens at pre-school, what their children get up to as well as chat with the staff. It was a great success and a completely worthwhile exercise. 

We had allotted an hour this morning and an hour this afternoon, and this afternoon we had a prospective new parent stopping by for a visit. So, ordinarily I would only work the morning but today I stayed back for an extra hour or so to meet with the new parent and go over what pre-school can offer them and their child.

I was home for the middle of the afternoon and I jumped online as I had a little research I wanted to do ahead of podcast recording later and I also had a little pre-school work to complete. Nothing major just a couple of emails to deal with and a few more tweets to be sent trying to drum up some donations for our Christmas raffle fundraiser.

And then finally today I had a response from the company who will ultimately be installing a charging point for our electric car (when we get it). Basically the engineer that visited last week told us that the electric supply in the garage wasn't 'strong' enough and that we needed to talk with the company to sort something out. Numerous emails later...with a number of additional prompts because they are so slow at responding and don't have a phone number!...I got a response. The response is basically yes we need a better cable installing but no they can't do it but then didn't tell us how we can do it either!! I have now contacted the local power supply company to see if they can help. Thankfully their online chat was very helpful and I have now completed a form and await their call back, but I have already had a text to say they have the form and will be in touch...fingers crossed somebody somewhere can help me get this sorted. Why do I feel this isn't going to be cheap?!!

And then it was podcast recording time with my fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle. We had a good old natter about all things Disney; some bits of history, some news items and then a look at various attractions at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. As always a fun way to pass an hour or so.

Right time for a cup of tea and I will see you tomorrow.

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