Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Day 616

Day 616...

The middle of the week has rolled around once more and today we were back to my usual half a day in work and half a day at home.

My work morning was pretty standard, a chance for me and my deputy to catch up, the usual banking and admin bits and pieces along with emails to write and respond to. We are busy organising our Christmas raffle and have just received a prize of tickets to a local pantomime, which is fantastic but then we realised the tickets were dated before we were due to hold the raffle! A quick change of plans and an email sent out to let everyone know that the raffle is being brought forward a week, which resulted in a flurry of people wanting to buy tickets!

On the way home I stopped off at my local Lidl for a few essentials for home as well as some wrapping paper for pre-school. We have a Christmas party at the end of term and we always give the children a present...well we have the presents and now need the wrapping so that we can get everything prepped way ahead of time.

And talking of wrapping that was the first thing I did when I got home. The Disney Dream Girls podcast has a special group page on Facebook called our 'Family' page and last year we did a Christmas gift exchange and this year we have decided to do it again. I have drawn a lovely lady in the US and we have chatted over messenger to figure out our likes and dislikes so that we can send each other a little Christmas surprise. Nothing too expensive as the postage overseas can sometimes cost more than the gift! But this is all about making connections and spreading a little Disney love. I have bought a few bits and pieces over the last week or so and had a collection of some Disney items along with some quintessential English treats. I wrapped every piece up individually, lined a box with some old Disney store packaging, threw in a few Mickey sprinkles and then wrapped the whole box before sealing it in brown paper. It is now already to go, I've even bought and printed out the postage so just need to get to a post office in the next day or so to send it on its way.

I then had a couple of work emails to deal with along with a rather lengthy one to send out. I'd also got a payment to make which involved three phone calls; getting cut off once, being told I needed to speak to a different department but that I would have to hang up and ring again and then finally getting through. Twenty minutes later the payment was made!

It was then time to do a little prep work ahead of recording this week's podcast with my friend Michelle. We actually managed to get two shows recorded; one for this coming Sunday and another special show for our Patreon supporters.

And now I need to stop typing, make a cup of tea, grab some chocolate and settle down to watch the start of the newest Marvel series, Hawkeye!

See you tomorrow.

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