Saturday, 13 November 2021

Day 605

Day 605...

Well after a great night out last night it was up bright and early this morning as Simon had an 8am appointment at the barbers!

But the early start did mean that we had the whole day ahead of us and we decided to tackle Molly's old bedroom. Everywhere needed a coat of paint and we decided that the one feature wall of a dark red needed to go lighter...much match the rest of the room. 

The colour is called Timeless and is a very pale off-white colour but two coats later and we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the red had disappeared. While we were waiting to put a final coat of paint on the old red wall we disassembled some of the furniture that we no longer wanted and filled the car with 'stuff' for the local recycling centre.

The bedroom is now left with just a bed and a wardrobe but eventually both these will go and the whole room will be repurposed as a guest bedroom come study come arts and crafts space.

Simon was able to get a third coat of 'Timeless' on the no longer red wall and so all the paint work is complete. He has also managed to repair a couple of kickboards under the bathroom cabinets and laid some sealant as well.

So all in all a busy day. I think it's time to put our feet up and enjoy an evening in front of the telly.

See you tomorrow.

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