Friday, 26 November 2021

Day 618

Day 618...

It's Friday and the start of what, on paper, should be a busy weekend!

But it was my usual Friday in work and it was filled with admin, banking, emails and an online meeting thrown in just for good measure; a day with lots achieved.

Arriving home, and with a coffee poured, it was back onto the laptop as I needed to complete an email to my deputy manager as part of our handover, as well as complete a couple of newsletters to send out. With the work stuff completed I was then able to finish off my online grocery shopping as we are picking it up tomorrow afternoon, a day earlier than normal.

Then it was back to more pre-school work as there were a ton of updates that needed applying to the online learning journal system that we use and that took way longer than I thought it was going to. But I have managed to get everything work related that I wanted to get done, done this evening.

Last weekend we brought down all of our Christmas decorations out of the loft and today it was time to move them out of Molly's old room and downstairs ready for the aforementioned busy weekend ahead.

Molly and Dan are home for the weekend (still travelling as I type this) and there are two reasons for them coming home this weekend. One is that Molly is helping out at her old kickboxing academy with their black belt grading and although she isn't grading it has always been the responsibility of non-grading black belts to assist at gradings. Molly had helped out at the first part of the grading a few weeks ago and had said she was happy to come back and help out again at the second and final part of the grading.

The other reason...and if we're being honest the most important that this is the weekend that is on the calendar to put up our Christmas decorations...

See it is literally on my calendar (as it is every year!)

...and despite no longer living at home I am not allowed to decorate without Molly! Over the years it has become the ladies of the family that have taken the lead with the Christmas decorating and for now it is staying as one of our traditions...a girl thing if you will...that we want to continue with.

So to get everything done this weekend, in the hours that are available, it is going to have to be a bit of a military style operation I think. We have coordinated collecting our grocery shopping with when Molly is at the black belt grading already so that we have as much time as we can to devote to the Christmas decorating. After all we have outdoor lights to put up plus we have three Christmas trees as well as numerous ornaments and other decorations around the house, so getting our house decorated is never a quick job!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures to share of what we have been able to achieve - wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

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