Friday, 5 November 2021

Day 597

Day 597...

OK so I am writing this rather late and after two glasses of red wine!

It has been a busy old Friday and one that started out early this morning as we got ready to drive down south towards Bournemouth. After breakfast Simon had to take a parcel to the post office while I finished packing our overnight bag.  But by about 10am we were on our way.

Simon was driving his car packed full of Molly's stuff including her 2 meter long desk! Me and Molly were in her car and that too was packed full of her stuff. We loaded up Waze on our phones to guide us down and agreed to stop at Cherwell Valley services.

We had a slight hiccup just as we set off as the phone holder in Molly's car decided to unstick itself, but a quick stop and refit and we were on our way. We had a straightforward drive down with a short stop for a coffee and toilet break and we managed to travel down keeping both cars together the majority of the time.

By about 2.30pm we had arrived at Dan's house and began the unpacking of the cars which was a darn sight quicker thab packing them. We also managed to get Molly's desk and chest of drawers reassembled before we headed off to find our hotel for the next couple of nights.

Once at the hotel and checked in we got ourselves changed and then headed out for the evening. First we grabbed a bunless burger at Five Guys before finding coffee and cake.

It was then time to head to a club called Madding Crowd to see my favourite band, White Lies. They were playing a one-off small and intimate accoustic gig and they were absolutely they always are. Such an honour to see them perform an accoustic set and they played my favourite song, First Time Caller!

It was so good to be doing something normal with no need for vaccine passports or masks or checking in. And apart from a few people wearing masks it felt like going to a club as it has always felt. A few hundred people singing their hearts out having a fabulous time, what more could you ask for.

And it was so good to walk back to the hotel seeing a busy town center on a Friday evening with people out enjoying themselves.

Well I've just about finished my glass of wine so I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

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