Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Day 594

Day 594...

Tuesday once more and another full day in work for me.

The day was a pretty standard work day although rather than working directly with the children like yesterday I was back to the managerial stuff. Lots of bits of admin, printing of stuff, updating the banking and the like. This is always a busy term as along with all the usual stuff we have a Christmas concert and Christmas party to organise, a 'parents to pre-school day', a Christmas raffle as well as looking ahead to January and starting our planning for then.

Back home and Simon was also having a busy day; he is approaching the end of the game he is currently working on and so deadlines are looming and they too are busy organising and prioritising.

Molly has been clearing through more of her stuff before the big move at the end of the week and has today managed to pack most of her clothes. She also ventured out into the garden shed to go through its contents and see what was hers, what she wanted to keep and what could be thrown away. Although a little drama did ensue when she tried on an old catchers mitt of Simon's and felt a sharp sting, dropped the mitt and saw a wasp fly out!

We ended the day with a trip down the 'gym' although it was noticeably chillier than of late and so we were very thankful that we have a small heater in the garage!

And that was a Tuesday, see you tomorrow.

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