Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Day 595

Day 595...

A Wednesday has rolled around once more and for the third time this week I had a full day of work, actually in work!

The work day was filled with the usual bits and bobs; admin tasks, banking, prepping for new starters, responding to emails and thinking about our Christmas fundraising efforts. We will be holding a raffle 'virtually' as this worked really well last year and we are busy trying to source prizes that will entice people into buying tickets.

Arriving home I was greeted with badly parked cars and the workmen who are at a neighbours house blocking the way to my front door. Just slightly annoying when I've done a day at work, have my arms loaded down with bags and boxes and all I want to do is get in and grab a coffee.

But thanks to Simon there was a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me. Molly was busy yet again as she was dismantling some of her furniture that she is taking with her to her boyfriends house...we just have to figure out how we're going to get all her stuff into two cars!

Although Molly did manage to find the time to help me set-up a new phone for pre-school as it involved the cloud, syncing contacts, using bluetooth and more! But hopefully it does mean that we now have a slightly newer phone than before which, fingers crossed, should be a little more reliable.

Then while Molly headed out for her last ever kickboxing class I jumped online to record another episode of the Disney Dream Girls podcast. Both Michelle and I have very busy lives at the moment but we always try and find the time to record a show and this week we looked at some of the very tempting and delicious food offerings coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World this holiday season.

Molly has been attending Paragon Black Belt Academy since she was around 7 years old, starting as a junior and continuing as an adult and earning her black belt second dan. She has formed some lovely friendships there, as have I from when I would attend as a parent and later with a fat loss group started by one of her instructors. So it is going to be very strange for us all to no longer be visiting there twice a week from now on as it has been such a significant part of Molly's life. Without wanting to sound overly dramatic it is the end of an era as Molly lets go of her kickboxing classes and guitar lessons...but onto bigger and brighter things.

And that was Wednesday...see you tomorrow.

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