Sunday, 31 October 2021

Day 592 - End of British Summertime

Day 592...

So we awoke this morning to have gained an extra hour in bed as the clocks in the UK have turned back an hour to signify the end of British summertime and by the heavy rain we had for most of the morning the weather seemed to agree. It was dark, grey, windy and wet - whoop!

Our first job of the day was to collect our weekly grocery shop and today we were able to try a new system where we can let the store know we are on our way so that our shopping could be ready and waiting. Well we arrived and there was one another car waiting; the app showed that the store knew we were on our way and by clicking the help button I could tell them we had arrived and what the colour of our car was. A short while later a very wet and bedraggled store colleague arrived with the first cars order and then asked for our name so that she could fetch our I have no idea whether the app system actually worked or not!

Back home and we quickly got everything from the car into the house trying not to get too wet. But fifteen minutes later with all the shopping packed away I looked up to see sunshine and clear blue skies, the complete opposite of what the morning had been up to that point.

It was then time to head over to a local Halfords to see if we could get Molly's car stereo updated. We drove over in two cars so that in the event we had some time to kill and the weather turned on us we would at least be able to either shelter in a car or drive for a coffee. The staff were super helpful and quickly told us that they should be able to fit the new stereo (unlike the staff on Friday!) which involved Molly moving her car into a tricky parking spot which she handled amazingly. So while the stereo was being fitted we jumped in the car and headed out for a coffee to pass the time. About half an hour later we were back to pick up Molly's car with a new and functioning car stereo!

Back home and Simon spent sometime in the garage on his latest project; today he was replacing all the screws in the joints he'd assembled yesterday with wooden dowels as he wants the finished product to have a smooth and seamless finish. While Simon did that I had a couple of work emails to process as well as a little accounting as part of my shopping today also included items for pre-school. I then did a little online research for some new guttering for our house as ours seems to fail every time we have more than a shower of rain along with looking for a new outside light for our front door.

We then took a little time out for a coffee and a bit of TV watching before realising that I needed to sort through my Halloween decorations to take into pre-school for the week ahead as we are having a spooky themed week with a little fundraising thrown in too. In years gone by we have hosted numerous Halloween parties and so we have a number of boxes full of decorations, although we haven't really used them at home for a few years now...maybe next year!

And because I know we have a busy week ahead, and as we had a bonus hour today, I took advantage and got caught up with the ironing...not very exciting but I need to be organised this coming week. I am in work more than usual this week and we are building up to Molly's big move to Dan's at the end of the week.

Oh and I am also getting a tad excited as it is now 5 sleeps until we see my favourite band, White Lies! They are playing a stripped back concert in Bournemouth on Friday and as this is close to where Dan lives we are now pretty familiar with the area so it was a no brainer when the gig was it 'coincides' with Molly's move down...or is that Molly's move coincides with our concert?!!!

And with that I will see you all tomorrow.

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