Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Day 532...Last Day of Summer Break

Day 532...

Today has been the last day of my summer break from work. Working in education means that I am fortunate enough to have a six week break from work over the summer, although this doesn't stop me from doing some work as well!

But tomorrow we are back, well kind of. We have two 'inset days' planned; these are days for the staff to get back into work, go over plans for the coming weeks and get to grips with a revised curriculum that comes into effect this new academic year. We then re-open to children on Monday!

But my day today was all about getting caught up on a couple of jobs around the house. The first being to clean Molly's bedroom and ensuite bathroom whilst she is away this week. To be fair Molly is pretty good at keeping both rooms clean and tidy but with her not being here it's a good time to get in there and have a good clean through. Plus, as we are due our main bathroom revamp next week, it does mean that we will all need to use her ensuite so I thought it only right that I took on the cleaning responsibility!

I had perfect timing as the cleaning was finished just as Simon broke for his lunch which meant our usual walk out and about. It was another very grey day and although not cold it was a bit damp in the air again but we still managed 2.4 miles in about 44 minutes.

After a spot of lunch my next job for the day was to tackle the ironing pile, which thankfully didn't take me too long to master. And then I decided to scan in a few more photos. As the last few I'd scanned had been from our Orlando trip in 1992 I thought I would see if I could find the rest from this trip as I knew there were more. But in searching through the masses of photos I came across some loose photos that had been removed from albums and discovered a number that belonged with our 1991 Orlando photos. I knew when I'd worked through the 1991 albums that some of the photos were missing but couldn't for the life of me remember what I'd done with them. I think they had been removed and scanned for use on this blog, many moons ago, and had, obviously, never been put back from where they came.

So my focus became scanning these remaining 1991 photos and then uploading them to my laptop and then trying to figure out whereabouts in the timeline of photos already catalogued they fitted. A little detective work was needed to match up location and then outfits and weather conditions so that I could be sure exactly where they fell.

And today in the post I received the copy of Birnbaums Walt Disney World 1991 that I was missing. Going through all the photos I had remembered that our 1991 copy of Birnbaums had been lent out and never returned. After purchasing the book in 1991 it has become a tradition to buy a copy each year we visit and so it felt wrong to no longer have it in our collection. But today that has been put right...

...and as I flicked through the pages look what I found....
...a park guide that has a print date of 1990! What an amazing, and lucky, find!

And I think that is where I shall leave it for today...see you tomorrow.

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