Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Day 538

Day 538...

Work day number two and we have a Tuesday.

It was a day split between a morning of being in work and an afternoon at home. The morning was more printing, organising paperwork for our new starters and a little banking as well. 

I was home just as Simon was on his lunch break and so we got chance to catch up over a coffee. Our bathroom re-fit has started today and so I was greeted with a half empty bathroom and by the end of the day everything had been ripped out apart from some floor tiles and the toilet!

I spent the afternoon doing a little pre-school work as there were a couple of emails to respond to and then the subsequent work that resulted from them. I managed a little time outside soaking up the sunshine as it has been another rather warm and very sunny day again today and I was determined to make the most of this short spell of good weather.

And then the day was rounded out with a trip down our 'gym' although with the warm temperatures it didn't feel much of a workout tonight as I was severely lacking in energy and will power!

See you all tomorrow.

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