Sunday, 12 September 2021

Day 543

Day 543...

A Sunday has rolled around again and it started as our Sundays tend to have done of late with the collection of our weekly grocery shopping.

With that excitement out the way it was time to get Molly to her second guitar lesson of the weekend. Because she had missed a lesson last week when her teacher had been on holiday she was able to attend today to make up for it. So once again Molly drove us there and back and while she rocked out we made best use of the local Starbucks.

Back home we decided to try and beat the very grey clouds and prune back a magnolia tree that we have in our back garden. It is a beautiful tree but does insist on growing out over our neighbours garden and path and so we try to make sure it doesn't encroach too much. Just as we started we could feel a very light drizzle starting but that didn't stop us...well not until it decided to come down a little heavier. At that point we headed inside for a coffee and a spot of lunch to wait out the rain. Thankfully the rain seemed to disappear and despite the grey clouds it stayed away so that we could get back out and finish the job we had started.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent indoors with both Simon and I getting caught up on a few bits and pieces online. 

And that was Sunday, a fairly quiet sort of day. See you tomorrow.

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