Saturday, 25 September 2021

Day 556

Day 556...

Our Saturday started with a trip to our supermarket of choice to collect our weekly grocery shop. Not our usual day but we did get chance to see Mark, one of the store colleagues that we have gotten to know over the years, for the first time in a long while.

We commented on the queue of cars waiting to get into the petrol station and how ridiculous it all was. He told us that by midday yesterday they were out of both diesel and petrol but by mid-afternoon a tanker arrived and refilled the this shortage of fuel then? Media hype? I think story today claims fuel companies have 'encouraged' the rumours in an attempt to let them recruit HGV drivers from overseas as this all hinges on a shortage of drivers rather than fuel by all accounts. But whatever the reason the media hype and over reaction has only made things worse and driven everyone a little mad!

Back home and it was time for Simon to tackle repairing one of our internal walls. The wall had been damaged by our previously leaky shower but with new wood batons in place the opposing side needed a rather large hole patching up. So it was out with the plaster board to fill in the gap and then plaster over. The first coat has been done so it now needs to dry before Simon can do anymore but already it is looking so much smarter than it has done in a very long while!

As that was pretty much a one man job I used the time to update some records for pre-school; I'd hoped to get them all done yesterday but simply ran out of time so I took the opportunity to get them all completed today instead. I then had three blog posts to write for the Disney Dream Girls website; two related to older shows and one was all about the show we recorded yesterday that will be released tomorrow.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent cleaning round the bathroom. Since the bathroom was completed last Monday we hadn't had the chance to get in there and get everything sorted. So today we were able to clean around properly and get the room ready for putting everything back in its place. And although everywhere is now clean we ran out of time to get everything back into cupboards so that will have to wait until another day.

With keto pizza made for dinner and the red wine poured it must be time to stop for the day and chill.

See you tomorrow.

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