Saturday, 11 September 2021

Day 542

Day 542...

The weekend has arrived and we have two days of respite from all the noise generated by our bathroom refit. Although we did have a little bathroom focused activity first thing as we had an early appointment at the bathroom showroom to pick out a mirror.

We had hoped to have installed a mirrored cabinet that was recessed into the cavity wall and had electric sockets inside. But when they came to fit the electrics we discovered that the wall was in fact not a cavity wall but one made of breeze blocks and so the cupboard was no longer an option. But with the electrics in situ we could still have a mirror and this morning we were able to choose a simple rectangular mirror with LED lights around the edge and most importantly a built in power socket - win!

Back home and I used the time to update my online grocery shop while Simon completed some work on some of his latest art projects as he has been working on a private commission these last few days.

It was then time to let Molly drive us over to her weekly guitar lesson, and yet again her driving is spot on. While she played guitar we walked over to the newly opened Starbucks to grab a coffee, chat and chill.

Back home and after a spot of lunch we decided to embark on a small DIY job. We wanted to install some key hooks around the house following the installation of new doors a few weeks back. Simon had ordered some jailors key rings, some antique hooks and some small wooden plinths so that the keys can be hung but look in keeping with the decor of the house.

This small DIY job then led to us having a clean through of the house...well as the hoover was out to clean up the dust generated from drilling holes it seemed the sensible thing to do! It wasn't a planned job but with all the drilling and cutting over the past week the dust had gotten everywhere and although it will all get dusty again next week at least we can have a couple of days with a relatively dust free house!

As I started writing this blog Simon had another art commission to get started on and spent a hour researching and then discovered that he needs some more information off his client before he can start.

And there we have a Saturday, see you tomorrow.

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