Saturday, 4 September 2021

Day 535...Paint!

Day 535...

Another Saturday and a steady start to the day. Molly and her fella were off into Nottingham to go ice skating and our aim of the day was to paint the bathroom ahead of its re-fit next week.

But first issue of the day was for Simon as he found himself down to his penultimate pair of contact lenses. We held out in hope that his next supply would arrive in the post this morning but alas no. So after multiple phone calls he eventually managed to confirm that his lenses were despatched on Wednesday, he amended the next delivery date to avoid this happening in the future and was able to nip to our opticians later this afternoon to collect some spares to keep him going!

While Simon was sorting his lenses I was online finishing this weeks grocery shop ready for collection tomorrow. And once those jobs were done it was time to paint the bathroom. We just wanted to give the walls a fresh coat of paint ahead of all the new bits and pieces going in so that we wouldn't have to worry about painting it later. As we live in a barn conversion our ceilings are rather high and so we have a combination of mainly tiled walls and then very tall walls that are painted!

But before we could do all that Simon went out to the garage to fetch inside all the paint and brushes and rollers that we needed to decorate with. The next thing I knew was Simon appearing in the kitchen and asking if I could help clean up some spilled paint...oops! Simon had been carrying a full paint can down a ladder and slightly missed his footing which resulted in a dropped can of paint, the lid popped off and paint all over the floor. It must have took us about 30 minutes to clean it all up through a mixture of scooping some back into the can, lots of paper towels, cleaning wipes and soapy water!

The actual painting of the bathroom went smoothly and it didn't take us that long to get all the walls painted, brushes and rollers cleaned and everything tidied away.

The rest of the afternoon saw Simon doing some more digital artwork as he is currently working on a private commission and I was back at the laptop doing some pre-school work. I had a couple or three emails that I needed to send out today along with a new post for our website to edit and schedule. I also had to edit one of the pages on our website with all our updated policies and procedures, and when I say update it was almost starting from scratch. I had approximately 85 or so links and descriptions to add in and although it was all pretty straight forward it was just time consuming and repetitive. I still have to double check all the links but think that will wait now until tomorrow.

And with a glass of red on the go it was time to make what has become our usual Saturday dinner...keto pizza!

See you tomorrow.

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