Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Day 531

Day 531...

Today both Simon and Ethan were back at work, both working from home. Simon has worked from home for the past seven or so years so no change for him but Ethan was sent home to work in March 2020 and he is still at home.

To be fair the team Ethan works with has grown over the last 16 months or so and so part of the reason for still working at home is that their old office is no longer big enough! They are hoping to be in a new office space soon, although the original July/August date has now moved to 'more likely November'!

Molly is away this week at her fella's house which means she is three hours away on the south coast and is making the most of slightly better weather there and has been able to try a little canoeing as well as getting to go in the sea.

My day started with a visit to my local ASDA supermarket to meet their Community Champion, Jon, who had a trolley full of goodies for me to collect on behalf of pre-school. We will be taking part in a local carnival and needed supplies for our stall so Jon has very kindly provided us with juice cartons, sweets and tombola prizes.

Back home and it was time to figure out what to do today. So in between keeping the coffee machine going and loading the washing machine I had a chunk of filing to do which in turn led me to tidying and reorganising a cupboard. It resulted in having a good sort through including shredding a mountain of old paperwork that had built up without me really realising. But by time I'd finished everything was put away, and in a much better organised fashion.

Just before Simon broke for lunch I received a call from the garage where we bought our cars from wanting to know if we'd like to upgrade. Well...my answer was of course we would but as we no longer need both cars and ideally would like to downgrade to just one car that I didn't think they would be able to offer us a good enough, and cost effective, 'deal'. But they seem to think they can make us an offer we can't refuse...only time will tell!

At lunchtime we took a walk out in slightly damp weather managing 2.5 miles in 44 minutes; I think the pace was a bit quicker today probably due to the dampness! As we got closer to home it did start to rain a little more and we cursed not bringing our umbrellas with us but thankfully we didn't get too wet.

My afternoon was spent finishing my paperwork sort through. I then took photographs of our cars for the garage so they could give us a fair price (they had wanted me to drive over there but I really couldn't be bothered to spend the time when there is no guarantee that they could even offer us something affordable!) Next I did my neighbourly duty and moved all the bins for my neighbours after they had been emptied. And then I checked pre-school's email and ended up doing a few work tasks but I tried to keep it to a minimum. 

I then had some more of our old photographs to update, these are from our second visit to Orlando back in 1992. I'd scanned about 70 photos a few days ago that needed to be sorted on my laptop and then, for each photo, updating the information held for each with dates, times and places. And once again because I've kept old park maps and timetables, and along with a little googling, I've been able to get some pretty accurate information.

Our day was rounded out with a gym session and once more it was bodyweight exercises, battle ropes and some weights.

See you tomorrow.

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