Friday, 10 September 2021

Day 541

Day 541...

We have reached the end of the working week and I have had another full day in work. So not only have I worked each day this week but I've also worked two full days...thank goodness its the weekend!!

This morning at work rather than my usual admin tasks I was actually 'working the floor'; so whilst I manage a pre-school I don't always get that much time interacting with the children but now each Friday morning my role will change and I will be 'on the floor' working directly with them.

Then the afternoon was my chance to get caught up on my usual administration jobs; banking, emails, newsletters and more.

By the time I arrived home the bathroom fitters were just winding down for the day and we now have all the cupboard units installed, pipework for the radiator in place, the shower tray installed, holes filled in and the start of the tiling. Work will resume on Monday and we have a few days to go yet before everything is competed.

During the day we have had an electrician visit to go over a few pieces of work that we need doing and although nothing is too urgent the priority is some outdoor sockets so that I can get my outdoor lights back working. Plus I have all my Christmas lights to think about as I normally put these up towards the end of November!

We have also had a butchers delivery today which had to be unpacked and then split into meal portion sizes. I then had more cleaning to do once the fitters had left for the day so that we are not tracking dust all the way around the house and then it was time to record a podcast.

It was lovely to chat with Michelle, my podcast co-host, as we caught up on our respective weeks and then set about recording another Disney Dream Girls episode. And that rounded out my Friday!

See you tomorrow.

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