Thursday, 9 September 2021

Day 540

Day 540...

Well we have had a Thursday and another day in work and today it was a full day in work. Ordinarily I would only work the morning on a Thursday but today I worked the afternoon as cover for another member of staff.

My workday was pretty standard; lots of paperwork, new starters to prep for, banking to check, emails to send and data to input for our funding claim.

By the time I arrived home our bathroom fitters were almost done for the day and by all accounts it has been another noisy day and so being at work sounds like it might have been the best place to be!

But we have the electrics all in, waste pipe laid, shower tray in situ, new cupboards installed, extractor fan installed and the old electrics removed for the shower and pull cord light. We have also had to have some of the wall replaced as the wood frame behind the plasterboard was rotten in places so new wood has been installed along with new plasterboard. As we are switching from an electric to a mixer shower the new plumbing is in place ahead of the tiling happening. Although unfortunately we have discovered that the wall we thought was a cavity wall is actually a solid wall which means that the fancy recessed cupboard that was due to be installed cannot. But we think we will be able to get a LED mirror in its place all being well and the electrics have been put there ready for it.

Normally we would have been going down our 'gym' tonight but as the garage is full of bathroom bits and pieces we do not have the space so Simon and I headed out for a walk instead. We managed 1.89 miles in 40 minutes and despite a few rain drops we arrived home dry although at one point I did think it could have been a different story!

And that was Thursday, see you tomorrow.

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