Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Day 539

Day 539...

Another work day and another day of two halves.

My morning was spent in work and was pretty much a repeat of my previous mornings in work; paperwork, printing, laminating, reorganising folders and banking.

On my way home I stopped by a local supermarket to pick up a few bits the most important of which were tea bags to keep our bathroom fitter happy!

Back at home and more work had progressed on our bathroom refit. The toilet is now out which means that the room is completely empty. The main focus of today has been to get the remaining old floor tiles lifted and then to dig a channel to lay the waste pipe from the shower.

One thing we've found with our house over the years is that some elements were perhaps not done quite as they should have been. Hence the digging of a channel for the waste pipe so that it will now be under the floor rather than running along the top of the floor behind some boxing-in! But at least going forward we will now know that everything is as it should be and the leaky shower that we have 'put up' with for years will be no more.

But this did mean that things got a little noisy this afternoon as the jack hammer came out. This also meant moving a lot of my Disney ornaments that happened to live in cabinets against the opposite side of the bathroom wall, just in case the vibrations from the tools caused them to move! Better to be safe than sorry!!

And as is normal for a Wednesday it was time to let Molly drive us over to her kickboxing lesson. She also does a strength and conditioning session afterwards and was lifting 130kg trap bar this evening!! 

Time to stop and watch this weeks Marvels What If...

See you tomorrow.

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