Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Day 545

Day 545...

And we have a Tuesday and my first working day of the week and it was a day, once again, of two halves.

The morning was in at work and consisted of the usual admin, banking and emails. And my afternoon was spent at home to the sounds of more tiles being cut as work progressed on our bathroom re-fit.

I did my good turn for the day when I arrived home and moved all of the now empty refuse bins back to where they lived for all my neighbours...in the pouring rain! Well, I figured I was already wet so at least I could save my neighbours from having to get wet unnecessarily.

Molly has been busy in the garage with more of her resin creations that she will be selling via her Etsy store. She is making unique coasters by pouring different coloured resins and creating some lovely effects. 

I decided to spend the afternoon scanning in yet more photos. I had a few from the other day that still needed their information updating but after that I tackled the next album from our 1993 Florida vacation. I managed to scan in the whole album and now have about 150 photos to edit in the Photomyne app before I can upload them to my laptop!

And in between scanning photos it was a case of keeping our bathroom fitter supplied with tea, making coffee for the rest of the house and checking a few emails for work.

Then with the fitter done for the day and our garage, aka our gym, being out of action for exercise purposes due to bathroom stuff everywhere it was time to clean through. I know there will be more dust created tomorrow but I am trying to keep on top of all the cleaning rather than having one big mess when it's all finished!

So Tuesday is done and I'll see you tomorrow.

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