Saturday, 18 September 2021

Day 549

Day 549...

And started off quiet but has been a rather tiring sort of day.

The morning was a steady start to the day which was much needed after a couple of hectic days and disturbed nights sleep. Simon began some prep work on repairing the wooden door frame around the bathroom door. This is where we have suffered some water damage prior to the new bathroom being installed and we can now start the necessary repairs.

Then around 12.30pm Simon drove me over to meet the team from pre-school at a local carnival. Due to the carnival parade being in progress he could only get me so far and I then had to walk the remainder. I ended up walking alongside the carnival procession and actually walked faster than they were travelling and so made it to the carnival ground before them.

The team had done an amazing job at setting up and had created a play area as well as space to run a couple of tombolas and provide information about the pre-school. We had a very warm and busy afternoon and by 5pm we had everything packed away in cars. The team made their way back to pre-school to return all the equipment while I began my walk home. 

Simon came to meet me in the car which was very much appreciated as although I'd managed to walk quite far I had the takings from the afternoon with me which was beginning to feel a little heavy. By the time we got home I was very sweaty and in need of a coffee and Simon had had the good sense to put a pot of coffee on before coming to fetch me. So it was into the shower (our new shower!) to freshen up and take five minutes to enjoy a coffee before counting the takings.

We did really well and managed to make a profit of just over £200 which was a fantastic achievement and made all the effort, time and hard work put in by the team really worthwhile. We have hopefully also managed to promote the pre-school at the same time and make people aware of us and what we have to offer.

It was then time to pour the red wine, order a take-away kebab and indulge in a movie night in as we have just bought Black Widow on blu-ray!

Enjoy your Saturday night and I will see you tomorrow.

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