Sunday, 19 September 2021

Day 550

Day 550...

Sunday again and the day started as is the norm for our Sundays of late with a trip to collect our weekly grocery shop.

With that out the way it was time to see Molly on her way as she will be spending this week at her boyfriends. And it sounds like she will be spending more time down there over the next few months. Ice skating is a big part of Dan's life and from November he spends most of his spare time at an outdoor ice rink that opens for the Christmas season. Molly has now become a bit of a skater too and so this year they want to make the most of the rink together and so it makes sense for Molly to spend more time at Dans. This won't be the first time she's spent time away from home as during the lockdown at the beginning of this year she chose to spend it with Dan. I think that this time signifies that in the future she will be coming home for visits!!

Our afternoon was spent wandering around Nottingham and stopping for coffee. The grey and wet morning had given way to a rather pleasant and sunny afternoon and so it was lovely to be able to take in the sights and sounds of the city. We popped into a comic shop that we haven't been in for a couple of years and Simon treated himself to three graphic novels.

Back at home and with more coffee Simon set about the next stage in the repairs to the wooden door frame that he'd started yesterday while I set about updating some more of the photos I'd scanned in the other day. I am now working my way through the August part of our trip to Orlando in 1993! I managed to update the information for each photo that I'd scanned so that I am now up to date again and ready to scan in the next batch of photos.

But while I was sat at my laptop I heard a thud on the window and looked round to see what had happened and saw a bird flapping about on our patio. The poor thing had obviously flown into the window and knocked itself out. It finally managed to flip itself over but it did not look good. Simon moved it to another part of the garden and even put out a little saucer of water for it but it still didn't look very well at all. About 15 minutes later I noticed that it was sat upright and had started to move around, although still in a very dazed state. It then hopped about a bit but lost its balance and ended up lying on its back. Things were not looking good, although Simon could see that it was still breathing. A short while later and it was back on its feet and was simply sat very still and I thought that maybe it was starting to come round but unfortunately the next time I looked it was lying on its back and on closer inspection it had stopped sad. But at least we were able to move it and Simon could give it a little burial. 

So we will end today on a little bit of a sad note but I will be back tomorrow.

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