Monday, 6 September 2021

Day 537

Day 537...

And it was back to work today and the start of our new school year. So it's back to the early starts and busy days.

I don't ordinarily work Mondays but as this was the first day of the new year I wanted to be there plus I also had a ton of paperwork that needed printing and organising that I hadn't been able to do over the summer break.

So it was a mixture of emails, printing, laminating, printing, banking and a little more printing just for good measure. We also took the opportunity to start some prep work ahead of a local carnival that we are participating in in a couple of weeks. We have been given some great donations from our parents as well as a stack of items from our good friend Jon at our local Asda so we needed to get it all out, figure out exactly what we have, what we are going to do with it and how we are going to get it to the carnival ground. Plus we need to figure out what other resources we need with us as we will be having a small children's play area as well as who can help out on the lots to plan.

I was able to finish around lunchtime which meant I could spend the afternoon at home with Simon and as the weather was absolutely gorgeous we took a rather sweaty walk over the fields managing just under two miles in a steady 42 minutes. And while walking about I received a phone call from a local garage who I'd approached about the possibility of changing our cars.

For the last year or so we have debated the efficacy of having two cars. In previous years having a car each was a necessity; Simon was making regular trips 'down south' for work and had his mum to look after and get from one place to another. But we have none of that now. Simon has been fortunate to work from home for a number of years and would 'go into the office', 130 miles away, once every few weeks or so. But since the initial lockdown last Spring his work office no longer exists and those he works with are now also working from home and have no intention of spending money on the rent of a 'space' when productivity has been just as good (if not better) with home working.

So the time has come to go down to a one car family (although I have a feeling it won't last long as Molly is desperate to get her own car). We can save money on the monthly payments, car tax, insurance, servicing and more but we didn't know if now was the right time to do this so had made a couple of tentative enquiries with local car dealerships.

Well after much debate and number crunching we have this afternoon decided on a deal. And not only will we be saving ourselves money but we will be moving with the times and getting our first ever electric car! It is a little bit daunting and rather exciting at the same time. We need to get a charging point installed in the garage and will need to get used to driving essentially an automatic car, having always driven a manual geared car before. Lots to learn and get my head around but I am up for the challenge!

And talking of driving, as Molly is back home it was her turn to drive us over to her first kickboxing lesson of the week. And to say she hasn't driven for about 12 days you wouldn't have known; she is turning into a very capable driver and we are extremely proud of how she is doing and we are just keeping all things crossed that she can pass her test in a few weeks time as the world will then be her oyster.

As the evening was so nice, and while Molly was kickboxing, we headed back home and laid some more weed membrane in our courtyard garden. We now just need to organise the delivery of gravel to finish off the area but as we have our bathroom re-fit starting tomorrow we will need to arrange for when we have less things happening! Where we live we have a shared garage space and having extra vehicles and gravel delivered can be an inconvenience to our neighbours so we need to get the timing right!

And there we have a Monday; all rather eventful!

See you tomorrow.

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