Thursday, 1 April 2021

Time for a Break

Day 379...

So today marked the last day of our Spring term at pre-school and for me it was just a half day.

The morning was a mix of the usual administration tasks and banking along with a little more fundraising money to count. It was then a case of getting together paperwork to bring home with me so that I can do a little work over the break. I will have the termly accounts to write up and balance as well as a few other bits and pieces to complete.

I nipped to a local supermarket on my way home and then it was time to stop and appreciate that my two week break from work had started...luckily I walked in to a fresh pot of coffee.

Simon had already started his long Easter weekend as his office is closed from today until Wednesday next week. He has spent the day 'tinkering' with his R2D2 build, fixing magnets into place and discovering small sections that needed painting! But hopefully he is now at a point where all there is left to do is the weathering!

My afternoon has seen me pottering around the house getting a few little chores completed as well as jumping online later this afternoon to finish a little pre-school work...but hopefully that is pre-school sorted for a few days now.

And that was my last day at work for a couple of weeks and the start of my 'holiday'. Although there is nothing much we can do or anywhere we can go at least for the next 10 days or so as we wait for the next date in our 'roadmap out of lockdown' to roll around, the 12th April. But on a positive note we have one more sleep until Molly is home - yay!

Take care, and see you tomorrow.

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