Thursday, 15 April 2021

A Quiet Thursday

Day 393...

And we move onto a Thursday...just a few more days of my break from pre-school left before returning to work next week.

But it has been a quiet day today as I have not really had too much to do. I've done a few household chores; some ironing, dusting and laundry but nothing overtly taxing or exciting.

Molly was able to take a driving lesson this morning; her first in well over a year. She had just gotten started with learning to drive at the beginning of last year and was really taking to it when the first lockdown got in the way. When we opened up last Summer she decided to wait a while before resuming her lessons, just cautiously waiting to see how things 'pandemic' wise developed. As it was because of more lockdowns and tier systems she was never able to resume her lessons last year and has had to wait until this week to start over. She has her theory test booked for the end of May so fingers crossed she can get mobile before any more 'restrictions' come our way. I think she had a good lesson today and was pleasantly surprised that she could remember what to do!

At lunchtime Simon and I took our usual 1.9 miles, in 37 minutes, circular walk and found it was a little chillier out than we were expecting. The sunshine fooled us into thinking it was 'jumper' weather; thankfully a good walking pace warmed us up. 

I have taken a little more time for me today and have managed three more episodes of the Disney + series 'On Pointe'. Despite having next to no knowledge about ballet, and having no real interest in seeing a ballet, I am really enjoying this series. Fascinating to understand how the School of American Ballet works, how they have a style of ballet that they follow (didn't know there were styles of ballet!), the work ethic that the students have and from a very young age; very inspiring.

As Simon finished work for the day we headed down our respective 'gyms' and today marked Simon's 99th gym session at home since the first lockdown this time last year. We are lucky that we have enough space in our garage to make our own 'gym' although it has involved some strategic storage so that we can still park our car in there as well!

And that was more day done.

Take care.

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