Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Wednesday Working

Day 385...

As Simon was back at work today I decided that today would be my day to catch up on all things pre-school.

And that was pretty much my day! The morning was spent updating the accounts, balancing them to both the bank account and the cash tin and then updating all my relevant spreadsheets showing the breakdown of where all the money comes in and goes out. And for the first time in a long while everything balanced first time! I was rather pleased with myself!

When lunchtime rolled around Simon and I took a walk out into the bright, sunny and very cold outside! We managed 1.85 miles in 37 minutes which means that we have an unbroken streak of walking for 5 days in a row making a total of 18 miles in 6 hours!

The afternoon's work was centered around sending numerous emails, sorting out all the necessary bits and pieces for a new starter and prepping emails to go out later next week. I still have a few bits that I need to do and so will carry on tomorrow in the hope that I can get it all sorted and put to rest so that I can enjoy the rest of my break.

In the middle of all that I helped Molly book her theory driving test as she now has a driving lesson booked for next week. She had only just started her lessons over a year ago when lockdowns got in the way and put a stop to it all. Fingers crossed she can pick it all up where she left off and get herself on the road relatively quickly.

I've been chatting with my good friend, and podcast co-host, Michelle and we are going to try and arrange a meet-up over this weekend now that we are allowed! It has been nine months since we last saw each other which is just ridiculous. I am also starting to think about my next tattoo as it was around this time last year that I should have been getting inked so I think it only right that I get an appointment sorted...I've gone too long without a little ink being added to my skin!

And that was another Wednesday.

Take care out there and see you tomorrow.

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