Friday, 30 April 2021

It's the Weekend!

Day 408...

And we have reached the last day of the working week and for me it was a full day in work...I know...shocker!

The day started with a little drama as one of our staff had had their car broken into overnight. Thankfully there was no damage and apart from the inconvenience of a few phone calls and being late into work there was no real upset.

My work day was another pretty standard day of admin, emails and banking. As it's the end of the week we always look forward to what we have planned for the upcoming week so that we can make sure we have the right equipment and resources for whatever activities we have planned. My job is then to compose an email to parents to let them know what we will be doing for the week, I then use this information to create posts on our Facebook page, our website and the online learning journals for all our children. 

And with thanks to the husband of one of my staff we managed to get fixed a piece of our furniture that had been broken a couple of days earlier. All our furniture has to be on wheels as we need to move it in and out of our building each day into an outdoor storage container and a couple of days ago one set of wheels had broken away. Thankfully a few drill holes later and some new screws and all was fixed and working again.

On my way home I decided to nip into a local supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces for the weekend...and I remembered why I normally avoid a Friday afternoon! Not only was the store busier than I would prefer...I like to be in and out...but there was also more traffic than normal. Oh well I will remember to avoid a late Friday afternoon in future.

With shopping unpacked and a coffee poured I jumped online to do a little more birthday shopping as well as a little card shopping, and then Simon finished worked and made me our now traditional Friday night Martini...or I should say Vodkatini as it was tonight. The last few Fridays we have enjoyed a little tipple while watching The Falcon & The Winter Soldier but as last week was the last episode we had nothing to watch so it was enjoyed as an aperitif  as I prepped dinner and Simon did a little more digital artwork.

And there we have a Friday and we are ready for the weekend...and it is an extra long weekend as not only do we have a bank holiday on Monday but I also have an inset day at pre-school on Tuesday and as we have already worked the hours it will be a day off in lieu.

Take care out there.

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