Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Day 406

Day 406...

Well I suppose I'd better write a blog post...been one of those days when time seems to have just disappeared.

My morning was spent in work with the usual bits and bobs of admin and banking. When I arrived home at lunchtime Simon and I took a walk out, battling the wind, and managed 1.8 miles in 36 minutes. 

The afternoon was then split between getting caught up with the ironing, which didn't take me too long, and then some online retail shopping. I have a number of birthdays coming up in May...most notably Simon and Molly...and I thought I really ought to do some shopping!

Well suffice to say, fueled by at least two coffees, the time flew by and I'm not really sure whether it was productive or not! I am probably too indecisive and had way too many tabs open while trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. I did in the end get a few things bought and hopefully have a better idea of what else I'd like to buy, so at least I've made a start!

So before I knew it the afternoon was over and Simon had finished work. Although before we could stop for the day we had a few sales from Simon's website to organise. Just recently Simon had created some artwork for a game called Shadowman, that he had worked on back in the 1990's, and had some prints produced that he now has for sale via his website. On checking his email earlier today he'd discovered that three posters had been sold and so we needed to organise getting them posted, all off to the US.

But once that was done that was our day...I just need to refresh my glass of wine and find some chocolate!

Take care out there.

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