Tuesday, 13 April 2021

A Quiet Tuesday

Day 391...

And today was Tuesday and it was a quiet day today.

Once up and about I grabbed Molly to be my 'muscle' as I needed to pay some cash into the bank for preschool. As it was 80% coin it was rather heavy and whilst I could lift the bag...just...I needed someone to carry it from the car park to the bank!

Once we were back home I had a few household chores to do...the very exciting laundry and cleaning of the bathroom - whoop! Thankfully I was interrupted by Simon's lunch hour so we took a walk over the fields managing our usual 1.8 miles in about 36 minutes. So far in April we have managed a walk for 11 days in succession making a total of 37 miles in 12 hours.

The afternoon saw me complete a little Disney research as well as find some time to watch the last episode of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Although I only got half way through before I jumped online with my podcast co-host Michelle to record another episode of our Disney Dream Girls podcast.

And by the time I'd finished recording it was time to 'go down the gym'. Simon and Molly make use of our garage with a bench, pull-up bar and weights while I stick to the comfort of a yoga mat and my bodyweight exercises.

So although gyms reopened yesterday we have decided to stick to using what we have at home. Back in the Summer last year when the gyms were able to open for a few months we had decided to cancel our membership, save some money and carry on using our home set-up. It means that we can easily 'work-out' whenever we like, we can get there very quickly and not have to worry about finding a car parking space and even when the weather is bad we can still 'get to the gym'. It has worked so well for us that we are going to stick with this approach for the foreseeable future. But it is great to know that for those who enjoy what a gym can offer they are now able to get back to doing what they love.

Take care, wherever you may be.

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