Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Day 398...a Tuesday!

Day 398...

Today was another day split between work and non-work!

The morning was spent in work with lots of little jobs to catch-up with; emails to organise, banking to update, displays to create and print. Thankfully a couple of weeks ago I created a number of emails to be sent out at set times which has meant a big chunk of my work has been done and it is now a matter of collating the replies.

As we start our Summer term we need to liaise with local schools about those children leaving us and starting with them. We also have to start our planning for September...it may sound a way off yet, but we need to determine how many children we will have registered with us and how many sessions they will be attending so that we can look at the impact on staffing and resources and start to plan accordingly. Plus there is the usual invoices to issue, newsletter to email, new children starting with us and a sponsored bounce event to organise. Never a dull moment.

So after a productive morning I arrived home just as Simon started his lunch break which meant after a quick change of shoes we could have our usual lunchtime walk; another 1.89 miles in 39 minutes.

My afternoon did involve a little pre-school work, even though I hadn't intended it to. I had a couple of emails arrive in my inbox that involved following a few links with a few articles to read and bookmark for future reference. I also needed to re-work some of our wages for this month as one of my staff is having to self-isolate and so needs to be able to claim our Statutory Sick Pay which we as employer then need to be able to claim it back off the government. But my first job was to work out how much we need to pay them and then pass the information over to my wages clerk for them to process.

It was then time for a coffee sat outside; it has been another lovely day although the sun wasn't out as much as I would have liked. But I could still sit outside, enjoy the quiet and the coffee.

The day was rounded out with a little home gym workout. Simon has been keeping a tally of gym sessions completed since we went into lockdown in March of last year and today marked session 100!

Take care.

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