Friday, 16 April 2021

Day 394

Day 394...

Well, we have another quiet Friday. Nothing much to do at all.

There were a couple of jobs to be done around the house and a little online research needed. As we are now in a new  tax year I have the ever so exciting job of completing Simon's tax return and needed to check a few things out before I started. I have plenty of time to submit the return but it's always good to be able to get it done and dusted, but I just need a few more bits of information before I can start. 

Lunchtime saw our usual walk over the fields and it was back on with the coats today as the weather really hasn't warmed up any. But it was another 1.8 miles in 37 minutes and a chance for Simon and I to have a little time together, chat and vent against the world.

My afternoon has been another lazy afternoon in front of the TV! I have managed to finish the Disney + series 'On Pointe' all about the School of American Ballet. It was really quite sad watching the last couple of episodes and listening to the students talk about Spring performances and starting apprenticeships in June while knowing that Covid would hit and scupper all their plans. The penultimate episode saw the performance of The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Centre and just knowing that this tradition was not possible in 2020 and knowing that these students hold this show in such high regard was heartbreaking to watch.

The day was rounded out with watching episode five of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, another Disney + show. We decided to start the weekend off with a cheeky martini while we watched the show; we then nicknamed the drink Marveltini...because we were watching a Marvel show...we thought it was funny anyway!

So now we are ready for the weekend, and whatever that will bring our way.

Take care out there.

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