Sunday, 18 April 2021

Busy Sunday

Day 396...

So today was Sunday and it turned out to be quite a busy day...which means this will probably be a short post as it's now getting late on in the day.

But we were up and about relatively early for a Sunday as we had our weekly grocery shop to collect, a day earlier than normal as I am in work tomorrow. We had some shopping to drop off at my dad's on the way home and then it was a case of get everything packed away before we headed out the door again.

Just as we were about to leave I got a message from one of my staff to say that a member of her household had just tested positive for covid with a lateral flow test and they were getting a PCR test as confirmation. This means that my member of staff has to now isolate for 10 days, despite having no symptoms herself, and that in turn means that I will now need to work a full five day week rather than my usual two full days and two half days!

We headed off into Derby around lunchtime and had a walk around the city, grabbed a coffee and then I popped into a local beauty salon for an appointment, but we were still back home for around 2.30pm and decided to make the most of the remainder of the day.

This meant getting on our scruffy work clothes and dismantling some trellis fencing which involved removing two fence panels, three fence posts and the met posts which held the fence posts in the ground. Now whilst I would like to take some credit for the hard work that was carried out this afternoon I really can't as it all came down to the strength and tenacity of Simon. The met posts were well and truly lodged into the ground and it took an enormous amount of strength, ingenuity and lateral thinking for Simon to eventually get them out. I on the other hand, held stuff and made coffee!

We then loaded one of the cars up with items to go to our local recycling centre, which Simon will be able to take tomorrow. I then had just enough time to jump in the shower and get cleaned up ready for our usual Sunday Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz. It was lovely to see everyone, as it always is, and I didn't do too badly...I didn't win nor did I loose!!

And to finish the day we made keto pizza for dinner, drank some red wine and finally put our feet up in front of the TV!

Take care out there.

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