Friday, 9 April 2021

Yay it's Friday

Day 387...

The end of the working week...well for Simon and Ethan anyway!

So my day turned out to be quite busy. First job of the day was to complete an online return for pre-school. As a registered charity we have to submit an annual return to the Charity Commission which involves submitting our accounts, an annual report and proof that our accounts have been independently examined. Having been able to convert all the relevant documents to 'pdfs' yesterday I was ready to submit the return today...another job crossed off my list.

Mid- morning I went to pick up my dad and take him for his second covid vaccination. And well done to our local health centre for making it a smooth and painless process; in and out in under ten minutes. I spent a little time with him once I'd got him home to make sure he had everything he needed.

Back home and it was time for a lunchtime walk with Simon. We kept to the roads today but still managed another 1.8 mile walk in 34 minutes; we have now done seven consecutive walks in April and managed 22 miles in 7 hours!

The first part of the afternoon was spent doing a little more pre-school work; time sheets to submit, newsletters to write, sponsor forms to sort ready for our next fundraising event next term and a little accounts update...but hopefully that's pre-school work all done for the remainder of my break.

Next job was to tackle the mountain of ironing that had somehow appeared! But once done it was time to sit, chill and enjoy a coffee for at least 10 minutes! Before I knew it we had reached the end of the working day and it was time for the gym. While Simon went down 'our gym' (aka the garage) I stayed in the warmth of the house and did my usual body-weight exercises with a few kettle bell ones thrown in for good measure.

Molly has been able to escape the house this afternoon and been able to meet up with some of her friends...just five of them...all socially distanced and outside! Bless them as it hasn't been the warmest of April days and we did have rain at one point! The lengths we have to go to to simply see our friends, especially when they are all young and healthy!!

Anyway, take care whatever you are doing.

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