Thursday, 8 April 2021

Chilly Thursday

Day 386...

Last night I looked back through a few of my blog posts from this time last year and found that the skies were blue, the sun was out and I was wearing shorts! This year yes the skies maybe blue and the sun peeps out every now and then but it's jeans, jumper and woolly hat weather!

My first job this morning was to source some photos for the Disney Dream Girls blog. On the show we recorded Tuesday ready for release on Sunday we talked about some of our favourite parts of Disneyland Paris and so we needed photos to go with our show notes over on our blog. It took me quite a while to go through all our photos from our last visit in 2019 to get the right ones to fit in with our show, but it did bring back some lovely memories.

While I was doing that I was also chatting with an old friend whose grandaughter will be attending my pre-school in a few weeks time - that's just crazy! But it did mean that we have vowed to hook up sometime soon for a coffee now that we are 'allowed' to meet up...all be it outside!

Then I had my butchers delivery arrive which meant sorting all the sausages and bacon into smaller size portions and then finding space for them in the freezer!

I was then able to start on the remaining pre-school work that I was hoping to get finished today. The morning was focused on updating some documents and getting them ready for submission to the Charities Commission as part of our required 'Annual Return'. I was quite pleased with myself as I was able to figure out how to convert a 'jpeg' document into a 'pdf' without having to ask for help from the tech-savvy people in the house!

We took a very blustery walk out at lunchtime, wrapped up to keep out the wind and the cold, and completed 1.87 miles in 36 minutes.

The afternoon was then spent at the laptop with my aim being to get all the outstanding pre-school work completed and although I managed to get a good amount done I still have a couple of things outstanding. But I did update staff contracts, staff hours, time sheets, set up invoices for next month as well as set emails ready to dispatch when we return to pre-school. Hopefully my future self will be very appreciative of the work I've done today!

This does mean a little more work to do tomorrow but I'm hoping that it should get done quite quickly and then that will be it and I can enjoy the coming week without any work stuff to do.

And there was Thursday, a productive day but now time to grab the chocolate, a glass of wine and chill.

Take care.

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