Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Sunshine & Snow

Day 384...

Well it has been another day of mixed weather; from clear blue skies and sunshine to grey clouds and snow showers and back again and really rather chilly!

As Simon had an extra day's holiday following the long Easter weekend we had a steady start to the day and were in no rush to be up and about as we had no real plans. 

I needed to pop by pre-school today to do the very exciting job of bringing in our refuse bin after today's collection so we decided to combine that with our daily walk. Despite the gorgeous looking morning we wrapped up warm and set off for pre-school and I was so glad of my woolly hat and gloves because it was rather cold and the wind was quite icy feeling.

We walked 4.5 miles in an hour and 26 minutes; we took a slightly different return route cutting across the fields which are now bone dry after weeks of wet, squelchy mud. On arrival at pre-school we found our landlord was unexpectedly there giving the gate a coat of paint and he said he would make sure the bin was 'brought in' for us. So although we managed our daily walk it did feel a little lost of purpose when the one thing we had set out to do was already done for us! But at least we had a good walk and a different one to where we would normally have ventured.

After a spot of lunch Simon decided to spend his afternoon getting arty and for the first time in a long while got the actual, physical, paints out and knocked out a couple of paintings. An interesting exercise for him to compare this way of painting to his usual digital creations.

While Simon painted I jumped online with fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle to do a little podcast recording. We managed a show for releasing this coming Sunday as well as one for our Patreon supporters.

The day was then rounded out with a trip to the 'gym' (aka our garage) for Simon and Molly and while they battled their way there through the snow...I am not kidding we had a few heavy snow showers, although they didn't amount to anything...I stayed in the warmth and did my usual body weight exercises. 

And there we have a Tuesday all done and dusted. A day when there has been more talk about vaccine passports or covid certificates and hopefully more resistance to them. Only time will tell and we can only hope that sense prevails and that we are in some way able to regain our freedoms and liberties.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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