Monday, 26 April 2021

Day 404

Day 404...

Another Monday where I have been in work for part of the day because we still have a member of staff who has had to self isolate due to a household member testing positive. Thankfully they only have one more day to go before they get their freedom back!

My morning in work was pretty standard stuff; updating some documents, replying to emails, a little banking and a review of our Covid risk assessment. On the way home I nipped into a local supermarket to pick up a few bits that I hadn't been able to get on my shopping yesterday. I also stopped by our local parish council office to drop off some posters for pre-school that can be displayed locally.

By the time I got home Simon had had a busy morning sorting his 'work space' area ahead of new flooring going down next week. He had an awful lot of stuff stored that needed moving and placing in the loft just for the time being. As his work space is on a mezzanine style floor there is not an awful lot of space and what space there is is rather awkward as it follows the shape of the roof! But he achieved what his objective had been ready for next weekend, when we will need to disassemble furniture and move it out into the garage for a few days to give the fitters enough room to work.

Then we had a window company stop by to measure up for replacing our windows and front door. We thought we had found a company to complete the work a few weeks ago but after a slight problem with the door we were waiting for a call back...and we are still waiting! So now, fed up of waiting, we are looking at other companies to see what they can offer us instead.

Simon and I then took a late afternoon walk out over the fields into the next village managing a steady 3.34 miles in one hour and four minutes. We have walked 65 miles so far in April over 21 days...that's not too shabby!

The walk was followed by a coffee outside in the sunshine while we caught up with social media and the news before heading inside for the more mundane household tasks! Simon was able to get a little more digital drawing completed before we set about the task of making another keto pizza. We had left over pizza from yesterday to use up but there was not quite enough for all of us so we set about making another and for the first time used tuna and anchovies for the topping. It worked really well and reminded us of our trips to Pizza Hut back in the late 1980's when Simon and I were dating and we would always order their seafood pizza! 

Take care.

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