Sunday, 4 April 2021

Lazy Sunday

Day 382...

Happy Easter...or should that be Happy Chocolate Day?!

Another quiet Sunday spent pretty much as our Sundays are spent of late. A slow and steady morning with the obligatory handing out of chocolate eggs.

After breakfast I had the usual job of updating our weekly grocery shop online ready for collection tomorrow. While I was doing that Simon was finishing up the art commission he had started yesterday and with a happy client was able to complete it and send it over digitally today.

We then headed out into the sunshine to take a walk over the fields. It was rather blustery but otherwise it was a beautiful day to be out and about and to blow away the cobwebs. We made our way to our local alpacas where the farm now has a small van selling ice-creams and snacks as well as an old red telephone box that is kitted out with a drinks machine. So we helped ourselves to a couple of coffees and left our money in the 'honesty box' and carried on our walk completing 4 miles in an hour and a half...a much gentler paced walk than of late as we enjoyed the scenery and the weather.

Home again and it was time for another coffee sat in the sunshine as we contemplated what to do next. Simon had a couple of odd jobs to complete and then we had some measuring of doors to do. We are hoping to get a new front door but as our existing door is a non-standard size it is proving to be a little problematic but we have an idea that we have now sent off to the company who are trying to source one for us to see if we have a winning solution.

We also had a play around with a new approach to killing weeds...using a heat gun! Now we had seen some products online that 'burned' weeds away but wanted to see how effective they could really be so we tried using the heat gun that Simon uses when prop building to see if the principle worked. And lo and behold it worked, I think we maybe making an investment that will hopefully make weeding easier and gentler on my back!

The day was rounded out, as most Sunday's are, with our Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz. This week Kacy who set the questions had the fab idea of asking all of us who take part the same five questions, we submitted our answers and then today we had to match up the answer to the individual. We had a great time trying to figure out who had answered what!

Our Easter Sunday dinner was then homemade keto pizza - a family affair where everyone could help out and make their own pizza as they saw fit!

Take care.

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